Boca Nannies LLC Review


BOCA NANNIES IS A SCAM and this is what I experienced We had a terrible experience with Marleny Penagos, the owner of Boca Nannies LLC. Marleny Penagos- Boca Nannies LLC. told us that she had an experienced housekeeper to work in our home. Marleny BocaNannies LLC. also told me that she did a background check ,reference check and that she personally knew this housekeeper from her church that she attends. I believed her , and this was when the nightmare began. | The housekeeper she send was not only inexperienced , she barely could understand English. | Paying 20.00 per hour and having to waste time training someone was not working in my favor . I immediately called Marleny at Boca Nannies questioned her about the housekeeper’s skills and working status and defensively Marleny insisted that the housekeeper was legal to work in the U.S and that she had great references . I asked her to send me another housekeeper with at least 3 years experience and good English. Unfortunately Marleny did not have anyone else so she begged me to give the first girl a chance and that she would allow a trial for as long as I need. She told me that the lady really needed money because her husband left her with 2 kids I was desperate to find someone, so I agreed to allow this inexperienced worker with barely any English work in my home . | The first week was was a nightmare. I spend almost all day following her around showing her how to do things that even my 10 year could do. She did not even know how to use a vacuum cleaner. To top it all off , I found her barefoot, walking on my floors, when I asked her why and she told me that in her country they like to work without shoes. I even had to teach her how to use the laundry machine . I actually felt sorry for her as she really looked like she needed a job , but this was all a scam orchestrated by Marleny. After the third week, I started to see some signs of fowl play and things were starting to feel uncomfortable. How can a housekeeper with no money drive a brand new BMW? Then I noticed that she would come to work with her hair and nails all done up as if she was going on a date and not work. She would spend hours upstairs supposedly cleaning and when I checked she did not even clean the toilets . I started to become very impatient so I called Marleny again and I told her that this was not going to work out and this lead her to become angry and she started to berate me about how she needed to make money and that she did not charge me the fee . She insisted that I hire her housekeeper because she was already working in my home and that I had to pay her a fee immediately. I would never permanently hire any worker that could not do her job, furthermore she sent me any of her references or her background checks because she never did a background check and she lied. This is not an agency , this is the Boca Nannies Mafia and Marleny is “the Boss” . Marleny began to harass us to the point that we had to file a restraining order for her abusive phone messages . THE BIG SCAM IS THAT They make you feel sorry for their workers to encourage you to help by hiring them . Once you pay the fee you are left without a guarantee because she does not have anyone in her data base to replace . You are left without a housekeeper or nanny but she gets her fat check and does not return your calls. | Hindsight is 20/20 and after all this we ended up finding many untruths about her company. First, She is doing business as a nannie agency and claiming to have experienced nannies and housekeepers which is a big lie. Luz aka “Marleny” Penagos is a licensed nail specialist registered with the state of Florida. Her claim on her Boca Nannies website states that she is licensed, which is very misleading because it leads you to believe that her Boca Nannies agency is licensed which it’s not. Second, “Marleny sends undocumented workers from Columbia and from her Church to work in homes. Last but not least, her claim written clearly on her website states that she thoroughly screens her employees with vigorous background checks, and provides references , is also false. Any reputable agency would easily provide documents that show local state and national drivers license check and SS check to insure the safety of families that hire domestics to work in their homes, and This was not the case with Boca Nannies, we repeatedly asked her to provide us proof and She is was not able to provide any records. Also all of the reference provided were either not current or the telephone numbers were no longer in service. Everything about this agency is questionable and I would never trust anyone that does not have integrity or hold themselves accountable for advertising false and misleading claims. |


Name: Boca Nannies LLC

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Boca Raton

Address: 9500 SW 3rd St

Phone: 561-702-9431


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