Bolaiya Chengdu Shuanagliu district St Johns Michigan Review


I ordered this wig on face book, and of course, you don’t know your ordering from China, the ad is in English with an English sounding company. When you receive your itemch with the, there is no packing slip with any type of return options, the phone number on the package is not their number. there is no way to get in touch with them!! They offer a 100% money back return if not satisifed. I have been dooped by items coming from China before, but I did’nt know that it was a China based product. This type of advertisings need to STOP!!! You think your ordering from a ligimate company,not some foreign rip off. what type of recourse is there??? I pto make this paid $33.99 for this item, I realize it’s not a fortune, but it’s the Idea you think your ordering from a real company, but it’s not. If they were honest about their product, they would send appropreate return information> I am very upset about this happening again!!! If you try to send it back to the address on the package, it costs more than the item itself!!! This is such unfair advertising on their part, they need Please let me know your findings!! Thank You, Judy Draher (((REDACTED))) St Johns, Mi (((REDACTED))) USA [email protected]

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