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Complaint: There are now 9 reports on, setting a theme….Bonaventure IS a ripoff! There are links on Google & Bing that can be reached by typing in Pam Gray Bonaventure. Out of 15 reports 1 was positive. I’m happy that a family member had a positive experience, however in reading these reports, not everyone does. There is a pattern here due to abusive upper management & poorly paid, poorly educated middle management & this has gone on @ least 2 years.Those of us writing these reports want to convey BUYER BEWARE & let you decide for yourself if Bonaventure is the place for you. After reading what is available on the internet & you decide it is, well…good luck to you!! People write these articles because they were not treated fairly as employees or customers & want the public informed. My report is lengthy, but factual. In fact I’m writing 2 reports because the abuses are so numerous @ Sparks that it can’t possibly be put in 1 report! There is a common thread here & the complaints come from communities from several states, so it’s not just one improperly run buildng, but the management style that’s the problem. The Washington properties have the most severe problems & have had involvement with their state bureau of licensing. Don’t be fooled by an A or a B hanging in a frame on the wall. That means that on that particular day the state survey people gave them a grade based on what they found that day. That grade is there for a year (unless it’s a C or D,then they a re required an other survey within 30 days). The problems you are about to be made aware of happened in the 4 months after that survey under the management of Todd Robinson.Every company has their problems, but does the retirement community you are considering have 15 internet postings that have the complaints that have gone on for 2 yrs like Bonaventure has? Please respect that former employees writing these articles are not crazed or disgruntled, but truthful & frustrated. Writing to a consumer watchdog site such as this is cathartic for those of us that had no chance & no choice. Many of us have a high work ethic & as stated previously feel the public has the right to know what goes on in these buildings that goes unchecked. Remember the care of your loved one IS affected by management decisions. The Executive Director (ED) you meet today may be gone in 7 months (which is Sparks average) & someone worse in their place.Working in the state of Nevada, wrongful discharge can’t be proven short of it being racially motivated. Being over 50, caucasion & female, it’s not an option for me. My benefit is not monetary, but to inform the public of the autrocities that are acceptable to Bonaventure.In 2009 the former ED @ Salem said there employee turnover rate was 94-97 %. In 2010 Sparks had a low turnover rate compared to other Bonaventure buildings @ 300%!! Some buildings were as high as 700%!! Keep in mind that not every position turns over annually. There are still 3 employees @ Sparks that are from the original start up crew. The ED, marketer, dietary & caregiving positions turnover the most frequently, so one dept. that turns over rapidly affects the percentages of other departments.Yes, rents can raise frequently. The 1st raise is usually is because you were “lowballed”” a price that was represented as a “”move-in special”” to get you to sign a contract. Inaccurate pricing on medical services for assisted living (ALF) is another reason when these contracts are being done by JUST the marketer or ED. The Resident Care Coodinator (RCC) or the Registered Nurse (RN) is supposed to be involved in the service plan prior to you signing a contract

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Address: but this isn’t happening @ Sparks because they haven’t met their move in projections. So if your move in price seems to be a real bargain…buyer beware

Website: average monthly costs run between $3000-$5000

Phone: it probably is. Try to get a contract @ a price acceptable to you for as long as you possibly can. Bonaventure isn’t the only game in town. Currently the market is VERY competitive

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