BOSCH Green Bay Wisconsin Review


We bought a new Bosch Dishwasher which locked up and could not run. A serviceman was sent out who told us that the seal between the motor and the impeller dried up causing an inability for the motor to turn the drive shaft to the impeller inside the machine. They did repair our machine but then it locked up again. We had to pay for the second service man who told us that this happens on this model if they are not used much. The seal dries up and tightens around the drive shaft preventing the motor from turning the shaft. The store refused to take the unit back and we are stuck with this lemon. I have never heard of a single case of this even from people who leave their home for 2 or three months when they go to their vacation home. We bought this unit because of the good reports from Consumer Reports and because it was such a quiet machine. Our only soultion is to hire a serviceman each time it locks up which is around two or three times a year. We are very upset withy BOSH over this matter.

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