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Boss Cars USA Sold me a vehicle told me certified mileage was 34,000 miles, i took the car to Ford dealership to find it had 177,000 miles, and now the vehicle is not safe for the road or operable found out there are 21 safety codes and a missing part in the engine. Tonawanda New York!!. I purchased a 2006 Mercury Montery from Boss Cars USA for approx.$2900.00 at the time of sale I was told the vehicle had approx. 34,000 miles on it I was also given New York State Cetified document showing that. The dashboard on vehicle was not working which I was told would be fixed it was a simple fuse outage. I paid for the vehicle in 2 payments, when it was time for me to pick up the vehicle the dash still was blank i was again told they will call me and schedule for Pep Boys to do the fuse. Within the first month i was driving the vehicle one night and the headlights and interior lights began to flicker also the dash where the information center showed dimly some numbers which didnt correspond with the mileage i knew my vehicle to have. The car cut off i had the vehicle towed because the tow truck operator said the battery was leaking acid and the alternator was no good. The dealer told me to jump the car let it run and drive to Pep boyz on Niagara Falls Blvd. On my way about half way the vehicle died in mid traffic on Main Street called the dealer he had it towed by AAA. Upon arrival at Pep boys i was informed the battery,Alternator and belt needed to be replaced they called dealer so they can accept responsibility for parts and labor and they agreed, however the dealer didnt want pep boys parts he said he would bring parts when he left auction that was outside of Buffalo N.Y., i sat there from 10am until approx 3 p.m. until i got tired of waiting and left and went home around 6p.m. my car was finally ready(All repairs done except fuse) he told me he never said a fuse was to be done by dealer. Ford had a recall on my car shortly after for a seat latch issue. The guy at Basil Ford was conversing with me about the vehicle and he was shocked to hear a car that was a 2006 had only 34,000 miles in 2019 so he asked my permission to put the vehicle on a computer to confirm the true milage because the parts and under carriage of vehicle looks to have more than 34,000 miles. Sure enough i was given a printout showing 177,000 miles this was in March/April 2019 after purchase which makes it impossible for me to put that many miles on the car in 2 months and i should notify the dealer. I asked him about the dash and i was told thats a elelctrical issue not a fuse. I contacted dealer he told me the certified paperwork is the paperwork he gets when he gets car from auction and there is nothing he can do. Now at the beginning of June the car starts to drive very loud and shaky The service engine soon light had now been on since May. I was told i needed a flexpipe. i purchased the part and paid for labor. Now the car is put on the check engine diagnosis machine 12 codes popped up saying everything was wrong from the coils, convertors to the engine intakes. I was told the vehicle was very unsafe to operate and whomever inspected the vehicle if and when they did the 21 point New State inspection they shouldve informed dealership Engine had Air bubbles in Oil and Catalic convertors all 3 were no good which now deemed my inspection null and Void. The mechanic lifted the cover to the engine up and told me the intakes were lubed and/or rigged to make vehicle run. Now im faced with over $600 or more worth of work and im being told that still wont ensure the car will run properly or safely. I started the process with the DMV inspections office here in Buffalo on Dingens and my next step is small claims court. The dealer is not corresponding with me i have it sitting in my yard i have to continue to pay for registration and insurance because i neveer know if the vehicle may need to be transported to DMV for inspections. I wanna repair the car because i do need my vehicle however there are 21 safety codes on it and after those repairs i still may need to replace 3 catatlic covertors. I believe i was sold a “Lemon” and all my documentation for car down to the inspection is forged or false knowingly by dealer.

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