Boston Garage


Boston Garage Taken advantage of in a major way! Danbury Connecticut!!. My car stalled in the middle of a heavy rain storm. Boston Garage came and tow my car. In the shock of it all I let them, but when I asked he tow truck driver if he could just tow the car 5 minutes down the road to Ingersoll I was told because they were called in to tow my car they had to take my car to their shop, which is 15 minutes away in the opposite direction. From there they said I could talk about getting my car out. When I got there the next day I was told it was $234 for the initial tow and that to get it Ingersoll I would have to pay them another $116. Boston Garage took advantage of me, when i was in a state of shock .These people are con artists and thieves. They could have easily taken my car to Ingersoll, but instead they decided to swindle $350 out of me, cash only. Also when it was finally towed they left all my windows down during a rain storm. in reference to the frst complaint about Boston Garage, it is clear to that they are able to do whatever they want and are given ample amount of work thanks to the police.

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