Boww Down Auto Sound Costa Mesa California Review


I entered into Boww Down Auto Sound on August the 19th in order to get an estimate to install a custom speaker box into my new truck. I already had all my own stereo equipment, all I needed was to have it all installed and the custom box built. Richard was the name of the employee who helped me with this transaction. nI informed Richard that the main objective for me was to fit the box behind the seat without losing the reclining feature on the seat. The other important thing was that the box match the interior of the truck, hence the phrase custom box. The initial price quote that was given to me was higher than I hoped for so I left the store to continue my shopping around. Later that day Richard called my cell phone and asked me what price would I agree to have the work done? His initial quote was $680.00, which was too much. He then offered to do everything for $425.00, in which I agreed. He said they were slow on Sundays and to bring it in the next day, which was Sunday morning. I agreed and did so. nThe truck was not done as promised on Sunday afternoon. I noticed they were working on other cars instead. I realized they were not going to pass up other business when my vehicle was already tore all apart and was immobile. I agreed to leave the vehicle another day and was told to pick it up the next day, Monday 8-21-06. nThe truck was still not done and not able to drive. I was told they were waiting on the custom box to come in. I left the truck again and came back the next day Tuesday, 8-22-06. Richard told me the truck was done and to check it out. I went and looked and was shocked to find that the seats did not recline, at all. The supposed Custom Box was not custom at all. The interior of my truck is a light Grey and the box is Black. This box was a generic speaker box. nWhen I approached Richard with my dilemma he agreed that this box was not custom, but his explanation was this, Well, for the price you paid it is still a good deal. This outraged me, I said, Good deal or not this is not at all what I asked for. I insisted that I wanted the box changed out and a box built as he had promised. Richard then told me that it would cost me another $350.00 for the box I was requesting. I told him I should not be paying for this work that I did not ask for. His answer was either he would rip my entire truck apart or I would pay for it. nRichard became very loud and unpredictable when I said I would not pay for the work performed. Rather than argue anymore I paid him in order to get my truck out of there. I did not trust leaving my truck with him any longer. The installer told me that he would be pissed off if this happened to him and that Richard does this stuff all the time. nThe bottom line is this place is a RIP OFF and I will be filing a lawsuit against them and suggest strongly to avoid this place at all cost!! nRicknCosta Mesa, CaliforniaU.S.A.

1980 Harbor Blvd. Costa Mesa, California U.S.A.


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