BPOPics4U los angeles California


Complaint: I Worked for BPOPics4u / Richard Mataquro I did close to 100 exterior photos did not receive a dime for my hard earn work or my time .All I receive from Richard Mataquro was lie after lie so Now I have no choice but to take him to court chances of getting my money is slim to none but I will continue on and will notify every state and local and federal agency that I can find that will listen to me. I am going to make him wish he never heard of me So beware of BPOPics4u / Richard Mataquro he will not pay you your money Ray

Tags: Realtors

Address: 9468 Magnolia Avenue Riverside California 92503 Riverside, California United States of America

Website: www.bpopics4u.com/

Phone: 888-491-1877

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