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I was told by Brad who is the manager for Kemper Reserve National insurance company in the north GA area that he would split 50/50 every insurance plan we sold together while I was training under him.

I drove over an hour from my home to meet him and travel all across the north GA area sometimes 2 hours to go see a prospect. We made sales. some very good commissions were earned. (by Brad) I had not yet been appointed (got my writing number from the company). Remember Brad told me he would split with me 50/50 every plan sold.

Well he didn’t pay me one cent when he should have paid me around $1,500.00

When I asked what the *#_- he told me “Your name was not on ANY contract that was sold I owe you nothing”

When I called the company to ask to speak with Mr. Kemp Cole SR VP of Marketing and Agency’s he would not take my call and passed me off to his lower ranking Southeast regional manager Mr. Matt Fairchild who did call me and asked what the problem was I informed him of the situation as stated here above. Mr. Matt Fairchild then tells me “Well the company has nothing to do with that we do not pay for training and that is a private and personal mater between you and Brad Broussard”

What CRAP!

Oh by the way Brad and Matt are big buddies!

Bottom line don’t do ANY business with ANY of these people or companies!. I demand Get paid what I was told I would be paid which adds up to around $1,500.. Stay away

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  • #Brad Broussard

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