Brad Carter Phone Losers of America Patreon Scam Harrisburg Pennsylvania


Complaint: Someone mentioned that through Phone Losers of America at Patreon I could donate to listen to harmless prank calls. Owner and operator Brad Carter asks an absurd amount of sometimes $2,222.12 per month but usually $1,228.49 from people who don’t know any better. This Brad Carter individual used my personal information from my donation and began calling my home and family. Since this time others contacted me letting me know from within Brad’s circle that Brad uses Patreon to steal listeners information and to get rich quick. Brad spends the money on video games and to pay layaway debt. Brad will produce cheap stickers and other insignificant throwaway ephemeral items in exchange for thousands of dollars all while accumulating personal information. All other prank callers from other sources will conduct pranks for free and don’t approve of the greed and selfishness of Brad Carter. Brad presents the guise that he is providing entertainment but yet Brad repeatedly tries to kill employees of retail stores by asking each to cut cable cords with scissors etc. Brad Carter is a greedy and creepy person who utilizes sociopathic psychology so that he can rob innocent civilians of their hard earned money and mock them in the process. Brad Carter has been arrested for attempted robbery of a bank and steals credit cards regularly. This con artist is not to be trusted and is not deserving of thousands of dollars.

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: P.O Box 465 Albany, Oregon USA



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