Brad Jeffery – Jamison, PA – CHEATER


Liar Cheater Man, Pennsylvania

Met Brad on, he persistently courted me for months, we were official, we dated for a total of 8 months until I found his gf of almost 20 years through some Facebook stalking (told me he didn’t have one…). I had tried to break things off with him 2 weeks prior and he convinced me not to give up on him yet. He could’ve had an easy out, but instead he decided to continue to cheat and lie to us both. I never would’ve done this to another woman if I had known. Apparently I am the 4th person he has cheated with. He is also the owner of Fries Rebellion in Quakertown. Don’t go to that restaurant! No need to support low life cheaters who hurt women who have been faithful to them for 20 years. Scum!

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