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Bradley Chevrolet Hubler Automotive Group Car Dealer sold me a car with a bad transmission without disclosing it & refused to take back or fix it when I found out 24 hours later. Internet!!. On 3/23/12 I bought a 2002 Buick Rendezvous with approx 75,000 miles from Bradley Chevrolet (Hubler Group). Test drove the car, received an inspection report from the dealership, and also have a voicemail from the salesperson that the vehicle just has some minor asthetic issues, rather than any mechanical issues. The car was bought for my pregnant fiancee for her and our future baby to ride in. The dealership knew this when I was buying the car. The next day when driving in the car it starts jerking & when hitting the gas pedal, then it got stronger, then we began hearing a rattling noise that started getting stronger and stronger. I took the car to a repair shop who diagnosed the vehicle with a transmission issue. I also took it into another repair shop for a 2nd opinion, who did a thorough written estimate and concluded the same. I contacted the dealership on 3/24/12 within 24 hours & again on 3/26/12, but they refused to take the car back & refund the money or fix the defective transmission. I talked to the manager & gm, corporate didn’t return my call. I understand that I purchased the vehicle “As is” understanding that there’s no warranty & I’m not disputing that fact. My complaint is due to the fact that – the inspection report that Bradley Chevrolet provided me was a misrepresentation of the condition of the vehicle. I relied on that report in order to make the buying decision + the voicemail saved on my phone from the salesperson stating that the car just has minor asthetic issues, rather than any mechanical issues. After speaking with several mechanics & having an estimate done, I was advised that there’s no way that the car dealership could have not known that the vehicle had a defective transmission, prior to selling it to us. The mechanic that did the last inspection / estimate stated that he would be willing to testify as well. I really feel that me & my family were taken advantage of. This suv was bought for my pregnant fiancee – for her and my newborn baby girl to ride in safely. Instead of this, it has since caused us very much stress, time off work, and financial strain. I ended up spending close to $3,000 to fix the transmission. Also, just because the car was sold as is, does not mean that the dealership would be allowed to misrepresent the inspection / condition of the vehicle,this may also fall under possible fraud / deceptive practices. Please help us, as this car dealership really put us in a bad position and we don’t want them to do this to many other customers for years to come. I welcome contact from media, law firms, state / government agencies, & anybody else that may be able to help. Thank you very much for everyone’s time, help, and consideration.

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