Bradley-Morris, Inc. Review


I been working with Bradley Morris interviewing with large name companies. The lastest was Jabil Circuit. Who offered me a position in Devens, MA. I was offered a relocation of 4k, and a salary of $67,000. I asked for 70k and 5k relocation. My consultant was afraid to negotiate for the higher amounts. He got me in contact with another veteran he had placed at the facility and told me to lie to him and way undershoot what I was getting offered and to not mention relocation to him at all. That this other service member didn’t get any of those things offered to him and took a much much lower pay. After talking to this other candidate for over an hour, I knew that this candidate was a great guy, former Navy just like me. We immediately formed a bond. I had to dodge the subject of my starting pay, I just could’t lie to the guy and as he began to tell me what the consultant hooked him up with, I began to see the nasty colors of how badly military members are being screwed for a quick sale. I wanted to tell him, but I couldn’t tarnish his work ethic. I couldn’t believe that for the exact same job I was going to be getting close to 20K more a year. However, that came at a nastier price. I was reading through the conditional agreement, and I realized… I was selling my soul. My family and I would be homeless, if I ever lost this job down the line because due to getting a relocation and higher pay, I was going to have pay it back within 30 days, as well as any bonus I had earned or an taxes that were withheld… basically I would owe my last months paycheck and more to the company if I didn’t know how to read weasel language conditions. I showed the conditional agreement to legal on base where I work, as I am a federal employee. They said, I was setting myself up for a huge fall and that the contract was completely one-sided without even an offer of a pension or any income to fall back on in the case of an emergency like being laid off. I started to think, how many other veterans out there like me and this other guy are constantly being screwed with a s**+*** deal by a consulting firm like Bradley Morris? It is like when you sign up for car insurance and some screwy agent who just wants some commission gives you the worst insurance out there a 20/40 bodily injury package with high deductibles over 1000.00. And if you don’t know the difference, all you are thinking about is being able to spend less money monthly…. Companies, and employees need to have better integrity and ethics.

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