Bragada Mattress Review


We bought a split king with the adjustable base and their Crowne mattress in Jan 2009. From the beginning my husband’s mattress was softer than mine and prone to cratering. We called and complained to the company, but were told this is normal adjustment of the mattress as it is broken in. Now, 1 year later, he sinks to the foundation and Bragada doesn’t want to do anything about it. In fact, they have NO RECORD of our previous call to discuss our issue. Just a record questioning if the base should constantly squeak upon any movement by the occupant of the bed. They blame the manufacturer of the mechanized base, claim it is “normal softening”, etc. Unfortunately, their warranty requires we take photos of the mattress with no one on it, and send them in. Photos don’t begin to reveal the issue. Then, if they decide it warrants further investigation, we have to package the mattress and ship it back to them at our expense. Once they receive it, they may – at their discretion – replace the mattress under warranty. My question is what is he supposed to sleep on during the time we’re shipping and examining this defective mattress? Why would I pay $75-100 in shipping to send it back to them with no guarantee it will be replaced? My mattress is fine, surprisingly. (A split king is nothing more than 2 XLTwin mattresses shoved together) My mattress also sits higher than his even when we switch beds. I’m 130 pounds and my husband is 260. Maybe his broke down due to his size? If that’s the case, why was this aspect of the product not explained from the beginning? That was a question I asked about the mattress prior to purchase. Won’t purchase another Bragada mattress and not looking to go Tempurpedic, either since they seem to have the same problems.

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