Brakes Plus Complaint


AC wasn”t blowing cold air. Took it to them to see if they did AC checks and they said yes. They looked at the truck and told me I needed upper and lower hoses because they had leaks. Wanted $500 to do the work and I refused for hoses are not that expensive or that difficult to replace. I went home and looked under the hood to see if I could see any leaks, holes etc. I noticed the port caps where you check the pressure on the low side and high side were still completely dirty with road grime as if no one touched them. I thought to myself, how did they know the hoses had leaks if they didn”t remove the port caps to check the pressure. Hindsight, when they did take me back to the truck and showed me what looked like spray “as they put it” out from the hoses. I should have looked at the caps and told them then that they didn”t even remove the caps to test the pressure to know if there were leaks in the hoses. I took pictures of the caps where you fill the AC for a recharge and sent them to Brakes plus, It did look as if there was a leak as you can see in the photos. The leak was from my brake fluid I had to refill after leaving jiffy lube which is another story. It”s also clear they didn”t test the pressure without removing the caps which I was charged for. I asked how they knew the hoses had leaks if they didn”t test the pressure when they said they did test the pressure and charged me for that test. I only knew about the charges after we left the view of the truck and was in the lobby. I did get a response from the corporate head quarters about my photos and they backed the mechanics. of course. See last sentence cause I no longer have those emails from corporate. I went and got a recharge kit for 30 bucks and my AC system still worked as of last summer 2011″ in phoenix heat. This happened 4-12-10. The photos show before I recharged my AC unit and after. Clearly you can tell in the second picture I removed the cap for it is much cleaner 3 days later after having exchanges emails with mcastleman at brakes plus. To top it off, I saved all email conversations in an archived folder that opens when I open outlook, it”s just below the normal inbox. I only have my responses left, everything he wrote to me is gone. I can”t explain that, but I think you can figure out that having a lot of money can get you just about anything.

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