Braman David FoxCon artist Braman lied about me being approved for a car and ruined my credit by pulling it multiple times jupiter Florida!!. Total scam and rip off. Stay far away from these people. David Fox (the Manager) is a rude obnoxious liar. Same goes for Mr. Sommer (salesman.) They are liars about you getting approved and then when you get to the dealership they tell you that you’re not approved and run your credit multiple times. It will bring your credit score down. When I called to complain and that I was going to sue them and report them to the news and FBI for fraudulent activities David Fox said “do your best.” They were already sued for fraud, forgery and other things (see article below.) Just google “Braman BMW forgery and fraud and you will see the articles.” WWW.MIAMINEWTIMES.COM/NEWS/BRAMAN-BMW-SUED-FOR-FRAUD-FORGERY-AND-WRONGFUL-FIRINGS-6391981 STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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