Brandi Clark Doleman – The Woodlands, Texas Texas


When it comes to the destruction of families, no one is better at it than Brandi Clark Doleman. She goes beyond the pale of typical human excrement. She has not only been directly responsible for the breakup of multiply family households but is also considered a “church-wrecker” as well after having a long affair with a Pastor which devastated an entire community. At 39 years old she is on her 4th. marriage to long time coworker Randy Doleman of The Orphan Care Network. He has become her latest meal ticket. These two long time “professional only” coworkers coincidently filed for divorce within weeks apart and suddenly realized they were deeply in love and then married each other almost as fast. It truly was a Festivus miracle! During her first three marriages she had multiple affairs with married men. Each time, breaking up their families. Her previous names are Brandi Clark, Brandi Clark Elkins, Brandi Clark Pipps, and Brandi Clark Mullens. She is from Port Arthur, Texas but currently resides in The Woodlands / Conroe Texas area and has masqueraded as an advocate for women and children for years. In reality, she is the epitome of Christian hypocrisy and is the very last person who should represent anything to do with family values. Women who live in these areas should beware for your family’s sake. She is seductive, attractive, articulate and has a saintly, innocent presentation which is part of what makes her so dangerous and destructive. In reality, she is a user and a master manipulator with an uncanny ability to lie and deceive even the best truth detectors. She is cunning, shrewd, calculating and unashamed with no demonstration of remorse or regret for the breakup of family units where children have been involved. Her pattern continues to repeat itself over and over again. She is the quintessential sexual predator of successful married men. If you value your family, you will stay away from this disgusting pustule.

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