Brandi Nicole – Clarksville, Tennessee Tennessee


This catfish woman right here, looks nothing like her pictures how she looks in real life. She will screw anything that gives her any attention. She cheats on her husband with her ex boyfriend till this day, but she claims to the world she has turned her life over to Jesus. She’s got a sugar daddy behind Clarksville Goodwill on Madison street that gives her money for sex. She claims he just helps her out, her husband nor anyone else knows about this so called man. She claims all the guys she screws were friends. And lies about most of the ones she’s screwed. She’s screwed almost every cop in Dover, and they are married cops. She was charged with child molestation while she was a nurse at a school in Clarksville tn. She’s slept with her own friends children. She’s slept with her friends fiancÚs. She sends nude photos that look nothing like her for a little attention. . Of course she lies about sleeping with anyone that she’s slept with and people believe her because she’s that manipulative and good at lying. Give this girl a little attention and like 10 bucks, she will promise you a blowjob. || She’s done this to MANY married men, and she will even sleep with women. She used to work as a nurse also at a doctors office in Clarksville and would steal steroid shot stuff for guys she was screwing. She steals from Walmart, has terrible credit and uses other people’s credit cards to order things offline through Amazon. She makes out like this great mom when in reality she talks to her children like shit. She even talks to her dog like shit. Most people don’t know her behind closed doors, she’s a depressed psycho. I was warned of her but chose to make my own accusations and disregard what others had told me, I regret that. She slept with my fiancÚ for almost 2 years. She would tell him that my son wouldn’t have anything to do with him if he ever told me about it. She would make sure I was at work and then talk to him all day on the regular. There isn’t many people she hasn’t borrowed money from and not paid. Her own mother doesn’t even speak to her. She uses her aunt, and drives her aunts car that she never paid for. She’s like 40 years old stuck in a 12 year old mind. She lost her nursing license, and went on to getting her esthetics license for skin make up etc.. you’ll probably see her around town, flipping her hair around and shaking her fat ass. Beware of this tramp!

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