Brandie Neuner – Eddieville, Kentucky Kentucky


This girl Brandie Neuner is fresh out of highschool and currently dating my ex boyfriend who is 26. I was with him for seven years. Now I recently found out after we broke up he did cheat on me with her. Had her around my son when we were together when I wasn’t around. Now I don’t care that they are dating, I’m better in many ways. She is talking bad about me as a parent. My son does not see my ex boyfriend and his dad. Why? Because my ex is mentally and physically abusive to me. Would rather buy weed and concert tickets then medicine and other important things for his son. He has put my sons life in danger multiple times with his irrational anger and violence. With the last fight he got physical and violent with my son when he was picked up by his dad, screamed, put me down, and was crying hysterically for me. He has nightmares for a week waking up every morning saying my daddy is mean, my daddy scares me. His dad showed up to deny he is dating her and again nightmares for my child for the past week. While he was here my son was crying mommy I’m scared, I want to leave make him leave. He didn’t even come inside I made my dad talk to him. Oh and he messaged me saying he isn’t with her and loves me and misses me from a fake account screenshot it and sent it to her and she is still with him. Now my problem is her saying I’m a bad parent. Things like you shouldn’t bad talk the other parent to or around your kids which I do not ever if I talk about his dad I occasionally every so often ask if he misses hiim or wants to see him guess what no, daddy scares me I don’t like him. Hmm. Yea I’m the bad parent. She says things like you should always have the dad around just bc you aren’t together doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. No we aren’t together bc of his abuse of weed, violence and low lifestyle and oh cheating with some pretty nasty people. They even met up in the middle of winter her wearing a short dress with her boobs hanging out while we were together while I was at his place she lived next door and she shows up home two minutes after him hhhmm. And leaves a few minutes after him I wonder. Again the real issue is her talking all kinds of crap on me as a person and a mother on a situation she knows nothing about. For a guy she thinks is gonna marry her after only being with him a few weeks and already talking about babies.

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