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Liar Cheater Man, Minnesota

Are together for nine months I found out he had a profile on plenty of fish he had tinder and the days that he was working late or had to stay in town at his buddies house because he need to give them a ride to work he was actually f****** another girl oh and to top it off I was pregnant he help pick out the name he told his family he was so excited but he was telling her that I was using the baby again soon I ended up miscarrying we were doing good and then some girl on his phone cowgirl was messaging him and turns out he had been seeing her for the last three months which is about the time that I got pregnant two days later him and her together he didn’t tell me he didn’t want to be with me whenever tried to break up everything was fine I felt like I got hit by a bus because I had no idea that we were even unhappy or that he wanted a break he never said anything this boy has a reputation so I guess I should’ve known he may call you his baby has girl tell you the song she’s everything is what reminds you of him could I guess you sent it to a couple girls not just me but if you do meet him and he wants to be with you just remember he always has a side girl he can’t f*** the same girl he’s incapable of loving because he’ll tell you he loves you he’ll act like he loves you he’ll treat you like you’re the best person in the world but when you’re not around he’ll do the same thing with herBRANDON LINK

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