Brandon Mckibben – Greenwood, Indiana Indiana


I’ve been with my girl for about 3 years now. The past month or so she’s gotten really distant, won’t let me touch her, refuses to take my calls while she’s at work. Obviously I’ve gotten pretty suspicious so I’ve been looking over her shoulder while she’s texting and keeping an eye on her Facebook posts. Low and behold, this guy Brandon Mckibben right here is liking everyone of her pictures (only the ones of just her, none with me in them) and he’s been texting her constantly. So one day she stayed home from work saying that she wasn’t feeling very well. I already knew something wasn’t right because she felt perfectly fine the night before. I called her while I was at work to check on her and she didn’t answer her phone. Maybe she’s sleeping? So I waited about an hour and tried again, still no answer. I left work immediately and drove home. I pulled into the neighborhood and there sat an unknown vehicle in my driveway. Instead of busting in and bashing the guys head in, I waited. About an hour or two went by and this guy finally came out. He got in his car and I followed him about halfway through Greenwood until my girlfriend called me. She told me that she just woke up and is feeling a lot better. I went home and confronted her, she admitted everything. They met at work (Community North) and she’s been going behind my back and sleeping with him the past two weeks. I packed my bags and left. From what I know, they’re still seeing each other. Good luck with that since neither of you have any morals.

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