Brandon Roberts – Snake Charmer Men


This man has been married for 11 years and has 8 children with the same woman but had no problem throwing away all of that and a 13 year military career to be some jody. He’ll screw anything that moves. Watch out ladies, he’s a patholigical liar and a sociopath. He’ll tell you he’s clean, swear to you his girlfriend cheated on him during his deployments, tell you it’s too dangerous to be with him when he’s sick of the relationship. He’ll make up reasons to never be around and has multiple aliases like: Brandon Rader, Thomas Tucker, Thomas TNT, Tucker TNT, David Lineman, Reginald White… among others. He’s a disgusting lowlife piece of white trash who doesn’t care if he’s destroying his or your life while exuding all the charm and ignorance of a seasoned criminal. He’s also a thief, so if you’ve ever hooked up with him and noticed your laptop or your credit cards missing, chances are he has them! But he’ll never admit it. You have to catch him first.

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