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I could make this a really long post, but I’m going to get down to the nitty-gritty. I won’t tell you about how we met or what happened or how it started I’m just going to tell you what I have found out about my wife’s Second Life she lived.      I started noticing that things were up with her. I couldn’t quite put two and two together at the time though. Eventually someone sent me an article on narcissist. And especially the narcissistic sociopath. I read these articles and it was as if I were writing them myself. Every characteristic of a narcissistic sociopath fit her completely. Exactly.      For 15 years we were married. The first 10 was a good time we had good times. In 2010 everything changed when she cheated on me. I did my best to forgive but we fought off and on for four solid years.      In 2013 she decided to move to Arizona. I of course followed her as she had my four children. I had told her there was no work and Arizona not to go down there let’s stay out in Washington. But we were fighting and she did her own thing. We got down the Arizona course there was no work I had to go out of town to work. My daughter’s started telling me that she was on Kik, and on dating sites, and going out on dates.      I confront her with it and she confessed. She was juggling six men at one time on her phone. She had 36 different men she was communicating with on Kik. She confessed to going out on dates, but they meant nothing and they’re over. So I believed her. Or chose to.      Yes, I know, I was a fool. But I was really in love with her and I had a family of six that I truly loved. Four wonderful children.    Well in 2016 I had to go out of town again to work. On February the 13th 2016, I got a text from Verizon saying that her number had called nine-one-one. I was freaking out. I called every Police Department around the Phoenix area asking them if they had received a nine-one-one call from her. All to no avail.      Finally, about four hours later I received a text from her. And I have a picture of that text on this post. She told me, and all of her friends, Facebook post and whatnot, that she had been carjacked and kidnapped. Everyone believe this. Finally end December 2016 she had to go to court as a witness for the state over this.      I was out of town again and I did not go to court with her. But at the end of December, the minutes č the trial came out. And here is what I found out. There was no carjacking or kidnapping. She had met this guy on Tinder and went to his apartment to have sex. Another picture is on this post of the Court saying that.     So I started investigating things. I found out that the man who was on trial did not even get to testify for himself. But was practically railroaded into prison. He was an ex-con so they had a quick make-believe trial, Brandy was the state’s witness and she got up there and she lied her ass off. This man was found guilty and because he was an ex-con, he could get life in prison because a gun was involved. The gun belong to Brandy. I did some more investigating and became friends with the man’s mom. And she offered to show me some text and I’m about to show you. The text of her son and Brandy communicating after they met on Tinder. Brandy is obviously, according to these texts not a novice at meeting men online.      This is what I have put together. Brandy was selling her ass for money. She was living a second life. She is a Bonafide narcissistic sociopath. She is a dangerous woman not to be fooled with. Her second life entailed her screwing many different men, a very promiscuous woman. I found out through my investigating that she had been with at least 12 different man last year while I was out on the road. That’s what I could find out.     Brandy Ellen Amburgey, also known as Brandy Ellen Fournier, born and Auburn Washington, living in Buckeye Arizona. She is a dangerous woman not to be fooled with. Her Facebook page is Brandy Amburgey, Brandy Fournier. We are separated now and divorcing. She continues to see men, meet men, send  naked pictures of herself. She is at this disgusting example of a woman. If you’ve never read up on your Narcissistic Sociopaths, I beg you to do that. These people are real. They have no emotions. No empathy for anybody. They are manipulators and users. She put a smear campaign on me that is unbelievable. She mentally and emotionally abused her children and me. People like her should be locked up and the key thrown away. She is a slut, a mooch and a user, and by definition a prostitute or whore. She gets her kicks on convicts. Last year when I was not in town she had two different men move into my house. Both of them convicts. Neither one had a job. I supported them too I guess. Brandy work in Surprise Arizona at a Cafe. I was accused of wanting to murder her. She smeared my name all over Facebook and her friends. She even did it with my family. Nobody asked me my side of the story or what was going on. They all believe that this sweet girl could not be what she is. Which is a narcissistic sociopath. A manipulator of people. The woman is not smart at all. But when it comes to manipulating people she is a freaking genius.     She threw away a family of six. She threw away being a stay-at-home mom. She threw away husband 15 years. She threw away control of 15000$ a year income to be a 40 yo promiscuous waitress and live w dad. All because she got caught at her second life. Which was twisted and sick.    In the pictures you will find some of her cussing and talking about killing. This was her daughter and her daughter’s best friend. The woman is crazy ooff her rockers. She blames me for her original affair that,  not that it was the original one. But whatever.      The biggest shock, even after all the tens of thousands of dollars she gambled away, even know when she cheated on me over and over, I guess the biggest shock was realizing that she did not love me at all the whole time. I was used as a platform for to make her look real in front of others. As a means of monetary gain.  She cannot love anyone but herself.

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