Brandy Cooper – Midland, Texas Texas


This whore had her daughter taken away by cps and a kick out order was put in by cps to kick her husband out of her house and the kind hearted person I was I said u can stay with us till ur cps case is dismissed then u can go back home to Arkansas she agreed then as a month passed her and my husband would be up in the middle of the night outside in the garage smoking or sitting in the living room th n they would start going to the store together while I stayed home and watched my kids and her kids anyway I didn’t want to believe my husband would do that to me after 14 1/2 years of marriage and to top it off she said she like tall fat hairy men I my husband is short and skinny and so not hairy so I didn’t think I had anything to worry about to make a long story short her cps case got dismissed on April 11th I woke up the next morning they were all gone even my kids they took my kids I had to hire a lawyer to get my kids back from him they took my kids cause she wants my kids and to use them as meal tickets cause she’s a money hungry Whore and she doesn’t want him paying child support hints that’s why he hasn’t paid a penny in almost 3 months he hasn’t seen his kids since august 27th and that’s cause she won’t let him come see his kids alone I guess cause she jealous or something I don’t know but anyway he’s choosing a pill popping drug addict alcoholic Whore over his kids and keep in mind she lived with us she knew he was married and had kids and was happy till she came into the picture her name is brandy cooper from Arkansas but they live in midland Texas now and his name is Michael Henderson and yes I guess it was my fault cause I let her stay with us but still I was helping her out out of the kindness in my heart I have posted pics of her and my husband and she also goes by the name brandy phelps.

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