“Brea” – Hyannis, Massachusetts Massachusetts


This ***** hooked up with my husband while I was pregnant with his child. We weren’t friends, but aquaintances for a couple of years. My husband worked at a bar with her… funny… Because I remember one night, I went into the bar with friends after having my sweet baby boy. I was feeling good, finally a night out, without the baby… Walked in, sat down at his section and he gave me this awful look like he was mad I was there. She couldn’t even make eye contact with me. In November, I get a text message of pics of them which I uploaded for you all to enjoy. I moved within two days… I tried working on things for the sake of our son, but this ***** had the audacity to harass me. She called me all sorts of names, claimed I was bad in bed and trash and that’s why my husband didn’t want me. Funny, my husband and I were searching for a house while all of this was happening. Anyways, this home wrecker also called my ex out on social media… She also posted a quote to Instagram about how their is no such thing as a home wrecker and that it’s the wife’s fault for not doing enough. Anyways….. My marriage is over and my son and I are doing fantastic. I hope the next time I hear about her it’s because she overdosed on cocaine and died.

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