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Breakthrough towing LLC is falsifying documents saying I did not have proof of auto insurance at time of tow and charged me $25 extra for having my registration inside my vehicle. They made me sign a statement saying I received my vehicle in satisfactory condition before I was able to retrieve my vehicle. Detroit, MI Michigan!!. My car was towed by these scammers for being parked in a lot where the owner of this lot is being paid to call Breakthrough towing if someone parks their vehicle for more than 5 minutes even if they are a customer of the particular business. All employees at Breakthrough towing are unprofessional, rude and falsify documents. When I found out this company towed my vehicle, I called them and was told before it was even explained to me the list of charges, to bring $470 cash only. They do not accept cc. When I showed up to their business, the door was locked. I called to let them know I was outside the building and I was told to hold on and wait until the girl gets out of the bathroom so she could help me. Over 20 minutes later, the door was unlocked and the woman explained to me that my car was being held inside their lot off site from the business and I would not be given the address or the where abouts of my vehicle until I paid $470 cash. I asked for an itemized list of charges and why I am to pay $470 when there is a sign posted in their office stating the impound fee is $375. They charged me $375 for the impound, $20 for a storage fee, $25 for my vehicle being picked up after 5pm, $25 for no proof of insurance before I was even allowed to provide it, and another $25 for no prooof of registration, also before I was given the opportunity to provide the documentation which was all inside my vehicle. I explained that do infact have the proof of insurance and registration, I just needed to retrieve them from my car. She would not tell me where my vehicle was located so I could get these items out. I left the office with the list of charges and immediately took to social media for reviews of this company to research for a location of their lot. Unfortunately for Breakthrough towing and their victimized “customers” every site I researched, even their facebook page had all negative reviews. I was able to locate the lot, use my key fab for my vehicle to make sure it was locked and in fact inside the abandoned lot. You can not see your vehicle from the street because the lot has a broken down fence surrounding the lot with no signs what sover stating this lot belongs to Breakthrough towing. The lot is surrouned by signs saying “Warning” and “Dogs on property” but no signs for the towing company. I found my vehicle directly behind the fence with a broken down smahed up SUV blocking the entrance and exit of this lot making it impossible to get into. The grounds of this lot are covered in glass, car parts and rat fecies. Definitely not an acceptable nor suitable lot for a towing company who charges $470 to place your vehicle. When I came back to the office to pay for my impounded vehicle, I was told they would not remove the $25 charge for non proof of insurance because I infact had went to the lot and talked with a towing employee about my vehicle and to retrieve the documentation proving I do have insurance. Absoultely ridiculous and against the law I am sure. I was told to sign saying my vehicle was returned to me in satisfactory condition before it was evern returned to me. I was told to wait for the tow truck driver to arrive at the office so I could follow him to the lot where my vehicle was being held. I was told to not go to the lot until he arrived. I had a friend waiting outside ready to drive me back to the lot; we obdviousley knew where my vehicle was and wanted to get this nightmare over asap. After 30 minutes, the tow truck driver arrived and I we followed him to the lot where I drove it out myself.

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