Breana Jo Smith – Paris, Tennessee Tennessee


Let’s Just Call You B. J. Since I will probably never get the opportunity to turn you into a tube eating, self shitting vegetable; and you are such a cowardice [email protected] bag, I will have to write this here, and hope, by the Grace of God, you one day come across it. Someone once told me that I don’t have to tell piece of sh*t people that they are pieces of sh*t. They themselves know it, along with everyone else that knows them. I would say there is great truth in that. I mean all you have to do is look in the mirror, or for one second reflect on your life. I am pretty certain I’ve figured out why you lost your children. Adultery came pretty easy with you when it came to my husband, so I am figuring it wasn’t your first time. So you cheated on your kids dad with the drug dealer, and he did everything necessary to protect those kids from your wretched ass. It’s a logical scenario. I mean other than drugs, I can’t imagine a Judge completely denying a mother a right to see her children. Considering that while you were predatorily seeking my husband out, you were also flirting and attempting to bait a man who was in the process of getting married. And a married man, one in a moment of weakness, isn’t looking for a relationship, they are looking for a hole. Sure, it’s exciting for a man married 12 years to have some THOT show interest. But the thing is, he wasn’t thinking past getting his dk wet.

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