Breanna Anderson (Kirby) – Peoria, Arizona Arizona


This trash bag of a whore who worked at Unversal Technical Institute in Avondale in the finance department where my husband attended school at. This homewrecker worked with my husband on his scholarships for school were she was informed by paperwork that this man was married and had a 4 yr old son at home but this whore bag didn’t have a care in the world about this information. So from there on out they began talking and talking lead up to her screwing my husband in our car. This women know everything there was to know about my husband and our marriage but she continued to proceed in this affair she knew he was going through a tough time dealing with depression and she took advantage of that. This all began in Dec 16 and lasted about three weeks or so from what I was told. My husband was supposed to be doing lyft (but instead he was screwing her) after school and while he was doing that I didn’t bother him because I trusted him and i was extremely busy that month with Shopping for Christmas presents and oh planing my sons 5th Birthday party! I started to see my husband act different and not only that but I seen a text messages on his phone to a friend about her it wasnt every detailed but i confronted him about it and he gave me a bs of a lie and I left it at that not believeing him then I questioned why they were friends on snap chat and fb. And another bs of a lie so I started to really snoop and one night while he was out I seen a fb message from her and was confused because she asked him to contact her about his scholarship and she didn’t even work at uti anymore so I kept that so myself till he came home then I went through his text Well he forgot to delete their conversation and found out something was going on didn’t know what but something. I confronted him and that night got crazy on my part. I asked him what was going on between them he said that they were just friends and that they talked and text that was it ha! no that was not just it. I found out in dec that I was expecting and I didn’t share this with my husband because I wanted to do something special for him since he had been asking for a baby and I just wasn’t ready after a yr of dealing with a miscarriage I was scared but to find out I was pregnant I was excited. Excited to tell my husband we were expecting I already got the photographer taken care of for this special moment in our life well that all went down the drain because of this WHORE! The next day I went through his phone and got the delete text from her and him and conformed they were screwing. That day my world fell apart and couldn’t believe my husband of 6 years would do something like that to our family. Out of rage and anger I called this trash bag and confronted her she denied,denied and denied some more she even cried on the phone with me and gave me a sob story tell me to work on my marriage.REALLY! Wow! She even had the oddasity to tell me not to argue in front of my child well if you would have stayed off my husband dick we wouldn’t be having this fight. She really doesn’t know that damage she has cause for me and my family. This cunt had an hour long conversation with me convincing me nothing happened they were just friends and how she too was married and he treated her horribly and so that gives you an excuse to screw another women’s husband like wtf was this slut thinking. this trash really is psychotic I don’t know of anybody who can sit on the phone having an hour long conversation with this women who’s husband you are screwing and try and convince her and yourself that nothing was going on. It’s sad that my husband and I can’t really enjoy this moment expecting our third child since she has tore our family apart. I really hope this women gets some help. Oh and she now works at BMW as you can see on her fb page. So with that I’ll just leave these pictures and info of her on here for all of you to enjoy! I just hope this CUNT never sleeps with another married man.

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