Brenda Hornsby Orlando Florida Review


Brenda Hornsby contacted me through Facebook in January of 2015 in response to my add for second hand children’s clothing, toys, strollers, etc. We negotiated on a price which went back and forth a lot as there was always an excuse why the money wasn’t available. Finally I needed a firm answer as we were moving and after hearing sob story after sob story I felt like taking a leap of faith. After all, she had sworn up and down how she would never betray or steal from anyone. She was a good Christian woman that would never go back on her word. I have so many messages as to why she never sent payment. She promised to send it out over and over again yet it never came. She’s allegedly taking more and more children to foster and using the items that people “give her”” for her own use or turns a profit for her own gain. I made the mistake of being too trusting. She got thousands of dollars worth of clothing



etc and never even tried to make things right. She’s a no good liar who sontinues to defraud people. Steer clear of this junkie and don’t make the mistake I did.”

353 N Bluford Ave Ocoee, Florida USA

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