Brian Booker – Perry, Florida Florida


This guy Brian Booker has cheated on his wife too many times to count anymore, abandoned his family, but runs from his divorce. He still loves to torture them in so many ways. This guy left the state and moved to Perry only to begin going after any female he could get at bars, at work, or even at the stores he goes to. He strung me along for months, told me all these horrible stories about his wife, which later I saw the proof of what the real story was. He lies any time his mouth is open. He is dangerous, will do whatever he has to to a girl to get in her pants. Thatís all he cares about and is into some pretty dark, demented things. Heíll try to come off as this innocent, charming guy, throwing money around all while he doesnít even support the family he still has. He goes for the drunk ones at tha bars, the ones with bad history who are vulnerable, the young ones, oh yes he loves a young and naive girl. Warn any women and girls you know to run fast if you meet this shady guy. He loves to ruin women. Once he had me hooked, believing the lies he started the comments about my looks, my friends, my family always making me feel bad. He likes tearing you down. Iíve talked to other women heís cheated with and itís the same thing every time. He uses his story of being a retired veteran, but what he forgets to mention is he was kicked out of the Military for cheating, stealing, and doing awful things to a married coworker. He is a sociopathic deadbeat who uses women like toys and he runs from his responsibilities.

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