Brian Prendergast Assistant Manager For Wal-mart Lincoln Illinois Review


I was seeing a Lincoln Wal-mart Manager his name was Brian Prendergast. nWhile i was dating Brian I had filed an application at Lincoln Wal-mart and stated to him that I had put an application out if I could use him as a personal reference,he told me since he was the manager that I could not have a job at this store.nBrian also stated to my family that they could not have a job there because of him too.. He told me that he pulled my application,now no one can find it.We are not dating so I do not think that he should be able to pull or look at my application and keep myself or my family from getting a job at Wal-mart. nThe second incident was three days ago. Brian called my phone and stated that he was at work.I stated to him to stop calling and I get a text stating : Blake says you need a skull f***ing:.I do take that as a life threating text…Blake is another assistant manager at Lincoln Wal-mart.Brian stated he was at work at the time of the text?At 2am that morning hours after the text Assistant Manager Brain got a DUI outside my friends house stocking myself. nNow this is what kind of Assistant Managers that are at Lincoln Wal-mart..How is it that Brian is able to lose my application for myself or my family to not get a job at the Lincoln Wal-mart? Myself and my family has the back ground of working for the Home Office at Bentonville Arkansas..We know the rules and regulations,so how is this fair for him to get away with the threating texts and losing my applications and stopping my family from getting a job? nCarolynnLincoln, IllinoisU.S.A.

1501 Woodlawn Road Lincoln, Illinois U.S.A.


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