Bridgette Simon


Complaint: I’ve had false claims against me filed with ROR. ROR itself is an extortion site. There is NO fact checking so if a person files a false complaint agaisnt you, ROR charges $2000 to “investigate”” and remove it. That said – a person by the name of “”Bridgette Simon”” with an ip addressed based in India – filed a false claim against me. There is no merit to this claim

Tags: False Advertisement, Hacking & Virus Protection, Smear & Slander

Address: they used what they could find from public searches

Website: it’s clearly written by a person who was using Google Translate. Their descriptions of what happed on this “”job”” are false – they used 2 examples that are not remotely connected for what I do professionally. 1 day after this complaint was lodged with ROR I started receiving emails from companies in Inida offering to “”repair”” my online reputation for a fee. There’s an entire ecosystem of filth and extortion out there and these scumbags are taking advantage of what used to be a credible resource to check on people’s business merits. Unfortunately

Phone: public social media searches

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