Brieann Rodriguez – Bridgeport, Texas Texas


My husband decided to have a “friend” (Brieann Rodriguez) who wasn’t mine and was female. She likes to drink. A lot so I guess they “clicked”. Shortly after I find out about her she’s telling HER husband she’s pregnant with my husbands baby, they’re going to get married, and her daughter calls him daddy! Mind you, this is all B.S. She went as far as to send a googled ultrasound claiming it as her own. I found the original. This Chic not only likes to mess around with other people’s husband’s (even the police that she kept calling on me say so) she’s also psychologically impaired. I’m not sure what kind of mental illness she has, but she’s delusional and has horrible grammar. Watch out for this one because she’s NUTS and not in a scary way just in a needs medication way.

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