Brigette Ledbetter – Celina, Ohio Ohio


Brigette Ledbetter is a HomeWrecker. Watch out! She broke up one marriage and talked him into a divorce while his wife was serving time for her probation violation and he has a child with her. She almost caused my marriage to end in divorce. I had papers fixed and paid the lawyer. She will start out being a “friend” to your man then go to flirting and then promising them she’s the best thing in the world. While working with these married men she gets a relationship started with them and having affairs with married men to get them to spend money on her, do her job for her while she gets rest. She promises them everything in the world as a woman and once she gets what she wants she is done with them like an old toy. Once she breaks up the marriage she splits. She has lost many jobs and moved many times because she got run out of town for messing with these married men by their wives. I ran her out of town and she is still telling my friends who know her she’s scared of me. Women watch out for your men around her if she works with them. She goes for the ones she works with first. She’s a HomeWrecker.

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