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I always wanted colored eyes since I was a young child, and so when I saw the ads that brighocular ran online, on facebook and instgram I was happy. I email them and got a reply within a few days, I was sceptical as to safety but they assured me it was safe.I jumped at the chance and got myself blue eyes. I was happy becaudr had been told by brightocular that no one has ever lost their sight from using their implants (which is a lie). | I had to travel to Tunisia to get the surgery and was told it was successful, being young I hadnt assessed the risk to my eye health, and Brightocular are criminal in the way they make it seem harmless, witin 6 months of my surgery I was suffering with inflammation and vision problems. I am young so it was a shock. I went to see optomologists and was recommended to remove the implants to save my vision. I did that but my vision never recovered and I am now legally blind (my boyfriend is typing this for me) Please never do this surgery it has ruined my life completely and if I didnt have loving family, friends and boyfriend I would have killed myself because the change has been painful. | they lie lie lie…..The company talks about the procedure being safe and makes statements like “the brightocular artificial iris implant is a united states invented device made of ophthalmic grade silicone which is used in intraocular lenses for decades throughout the world. Brightocular is manufactured under class-100 strictly controlled environment. The facility has iso 13485 certification, which is one of the highest medical device manufacturing standards in the world” however they fail to give you any further information to actually validate this statement to be true, because its actually all bullshit. after you py them the money their phone lines are dead, and goes to voice message regardless of what day or time you attempt to ring them – they simply do not answer their phones… because they are a super scam, also nd there is no physical location or company office address listed anywhere to allow me to go into their premises, so you cant sue them for the medical neglience they do to hundreds of people. Stay AWAY unless you want to go blind!!!

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