Brighton Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram


The headlight stopped working. We took it in to be fixed. They changed the bulb, which did work, for a charge on our warranty. They failed to install the protective access cover, this caused water to splash into the headlight, it fogged up, and stopped working, the bulb still worked. Took it back, filled a complaint, paid again, they fixed the wiring harness and blew the dirty water out of the headlight. We got it home, the light works, but the dirty water still left dirty streaks all through the headlight. We called manager Mike, he said leave it here again (most likely pay again) and he will take it apart and clean it. We made a complaint again. We want a new headlight at no charge, to take to another dealer for installation, not another waisted day waiting for broken promises and sloppy work for more money.

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