Brigitte Williams – St. Petersburg, Florida Florida


Brigitte Williams in St. Petersburg, Florida works as a recruiter for BT (British Telecom) but her real full-time job is prowling for young men on Tinder and various dating apps!!! I was a candidate who was contacted by this cougar Brigitte Williams in regards to a job but when she went silent (a notoriously unprofessional practice called “Recruiter Ghosting”), I found her on Tinder of all places! She did not reply to my phone calls and e-mails at her work but she continuously flirted with me on Tinder given that I was using an alias account. We met up and got intimate right away. Turns out that Brigitte Williams is 68 years old (but she tells men she is 41, LOL). Brigitte Williams is currently married and has been married four times and has several kids. Each of her previous marriages dissolved because of her continuous cheating! Men out there need to watch out and be leery of his grandma sex predator!

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