Briley Burroughs – Kansas City, Missourri Missouri


This girl Briley Burroughs is a mess to say the least. She’s tried (and probably succeeded) to sleep with everyone’s boyfriend including her very close friends, then when she’s caught she laughs as if it’s funny to destroy people’s lives (ok psycho). If there’s some kind of sick addiction or disease that exists where women get off on being a HOMEWRECKER she has it!!! She’s bragged about sleeping with a man that had a wife and children & laughed & shrugged her shoulders while saying it’s the wife’s fault that the husband cheated but not her fault for seeking him out. She’s bragged about having threesomes with two guys at a time. The weirdest part about her is that she is 25 years old and has never had a BF or been in a relationship… basically nothing. The only interaction she’s ever had with a man is if she’s trying to sleep with him because he has a gf or was married, but no man ever wants to be serious with her. I guess these dudes can smell that insecurity and craziness from miles away. STAY FAR AWAY FROM HER!!!

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