Britannia Gordy Sherman, Texas Texas


Well my story starts in October of 2013. My mother passed away in August of that year and my husband and I became distant from each other. He told me he didn’t know how to help me though my loss, he had never experienced something like that and he was grieving to. I was of course grieving and distanced myself from my family. My mother had a close friend and or sister who married a man with a daughter they of course came to the funeral and was there for me while we made the hard choice in turning life support off for my mother. My husband and I lived in a trailer park at that time owner financing our home. This whore Britannia and said daughter of my mothers friend movies in down the street from us and started to come over to our house and sit and talk and drink with me and my husband. After a while I started to suspect that my husband had feelings for Britannia he told me he thought she was cute but nothing more and of course I believed him he had never cheated before and although we had our problems at the time, we completely committed to working them out. || I started to notice text messages from the 3 of them and asked him about them he said it was harmless again I believed him. || Not too long after that we started to fight more and more over these bitches he would go to their house and drink I’m not a drinker so I didn’t go. I would however have to go down there and have him come home. They always sat in the living room him in a chair and them on the couch. It started to become more frequent so I confronted him and asked him to stop texting them and to stop going over to their house he agreed and we moved on. One night we fought over something stupid and it got out of hand so he left and went to their house. I thought I was going to give him his space and he would be home after he cooled down but he never showed and ignored all my text and calls and so did these girls. The next day after work he came home and we apologized to each other. After all of this I started to lose my trust in him and we fought more than ever so finally he left and didn’t come back at all and when I called he told me he didn’t love me anymore and that he needed time to think. I of course was heart broken but we decided together that we would not sleep with anyone else and that after a while he would come back home he just needed time. He told me he was stay with a guy friend from work and would text me everyday at work and come home on the weekends and we would sleep together and spend time with each other and our 3 kids. He would leave again on Sunday night. I got a gut feeling he wasn’t where he said he was and these sluts had moved so I didn’t know where he really was. He had asked me to drop him off down the road from an apartment complex and I later found out that’s where these girls had moved to. I put two and two together and again confronted him he of course lied. || I couldn’t believe him any more so I started to do my research and got on our internet phone plan and checked all his messages and calls he had 5,000 text each from both of these girls. I got on Facebook and the stories he would tell me added up to what they would post about. I kept all this to myself and when he came over that weekend and passed out I checked his messages and seen the nasty shit they would text each other all day. It was heart breaking they would talk about the sex they had and what they would do later. I also found messages from said”family member” about the same things. I confronted him as soon as he woke up and made him tell me every detail. I found out that he was having threesomes with these girls and switching beds with them during the week and coming back to me on the weekends. This is the short version of this twisted story of mine there is so much more but I won’t go into all the details. || My husband and I decided after a long and painful process to get back together and fully work on our problems. These girls continued to text him”I miss you” and other stupid shit, refused to let us work on our issues and constantly spread horrible shit about me. I finally had to block them from his phone and Facebook and more things that cause so much drama in my life. I literally almost broke down and almost lost everything. My husband was/is just as much at fault for all of this as they are and my husband and I have had to work very hard on our relationship since then and still to this day have our problems on this issue more then any. These girls had a helping hand in almost destroying me completely I was grieving the loss of my mother while all this was going on as well as grieving the loss of my family. My kids would ask about their daddy everyday and I became cold to everyone outside of my family and have remained that way. I can’t and won’t trust anyone any more besides my family. These girls knew everything I had went through and had even came to my motherís funeral as well as hold my children and call themselves family to me. I was going to let this go and keep this inside myself until a couple weeks ago walking in Walmart Britannia had the nerve to say hi to my husband and try yet again to reconnect with him. My husband immediately walked the other way and caught up with me and our kids and instantly told me of her being there and what she had said to him. I will not post a secondary HW because of the problems I have had since with said”family member” things I don’t want to go through again. However I will happily expose this home wrecker as the whore she is. I also firmly believe karma is a bigger bitch then I am and both will receive back the hurt they had caused me and my children. If you run into this whore she truly has no care in the world for who she is hurting as long as she gets what she wants and I suggest you keep your family away from her as well.

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