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Complaint: On 12/19/03 I ordered a car cover for an mgb that my son is restoring. I have sent several emails to this company asking about the car cover. I have been given the run-around. They told me that someone had broken into their storage room and took their supply of goods. they said they expected a new shipment, that was on 1/12/04 and they would ship out the car cover soon. This company is based in england I believe. My payment for the item ordered was paid by my bank immediately. payment was made to Britannia paypal. I have heard only bad things about paypal. I will never, ever order anything that is associated with them. I don’t think that Britannia is a reputable firm. I suggest that people do not buy from them. I have told many people about this incident. I would have ordered more stuff because as I said my son is restoring an mgb. He now has two mgb’s. And so do several of his friends. Too bad. I thought I had found a good company to deal with again and again. I am so angry. The car cover was to have been a birthday/christmas gift for my son. I want the car cover or my money and I want it now! Frances maplewood, New JerseyU.S.A.

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