Britnee Bradley – Knoxville, Tennessee Tennessee


This woman works at a popular bath fitting company in Nashville, Tennessee or really all over Tennessee, she likes to message married coworkers inappropriate messages at all hours of the night & when they get caught by their own husband or wife switch to sending private emails w inappropriate contents. All of this on company emails & company time. & doesn’t even have any remorse about it at all, is proud she ruined a home. Yes it takes 2 to tango, but when the other woman knowingly messes w a man she knows is taken while she herself is taken makes her garbage in my book. & if nothing was happening you wouldn’t send 2 page emails about tired of being kept hidden saying he should go back to his family. Anyone who needs to see that I have it & will gladly show it all to anyone who asks, it also has her work tag & work all right at the bottom. Anyone who would want something like that representing their company is pathetic! Defi Italy not good for a brand! & Im sure some of it could be viewed as sexual harrassment in the workplace. Not to mention giving men she’s hooking up with extra hours on days they are sitting at home (and no it wasn’t a time paid off day either) you screwed up when you messed with my friends! Homewrecking skank…

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