Brittanee Maree Kathryn Schaupp – Union City, Indiana Indiana


So I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year. We met in 5th grade but always kept in contact. During the summer, we lost our apartment. My boyfriend moved in with this lady who was friends with his mom to help him until he got on his feet. This stupid little SiD tHe SloTh looking chick who happened to be the lady’s daughter decided to start chasing my boyfriend around. She ended up sleeping with him and passed on chlamydia to him. She knew we were together and even after she was confronted about it numerous times, denied it until her friends started coming to me with screenshots. Boyfriend was smart enough to let her know that I’m not the one and she was scared. She’s on meth and heroin. Never had a job. Going no where in life, fast. So if you’re looking for someone who doesn’t care if you’re in a relationship, is easy, a drug addict and has stds, Brittanee Schaupp is your girl.

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