Brittani Nicole Daniel – Heflin, Alabama Alabama


Brittani Nicole Daniel is one of the nastiest women on face of the earth. She has different men coming in and out her apartment everyday and all day and all times of the night. I swear its like she can’t go one hour without having sex with somebody’s else’s man. Doesn’t matter your skin color or weight or even if your in a wheel chair or your blind, married or even if you have “something”, she will have sex with you. 4 kids by 4 different baby daddy’s and counting, I’m sure of it. They call her the “Heflin [email protected]#e” for a reason! Refuses to work an actual job and lives in goverment housing projects and state pays all her bills and she lives off child support and somehow still doesn’t own anything and never cleans her house! Idk how DHR hasnt taken thoses kids but it’ll happen. I feel so bad for them their mother is like this. Literally caught her sleeping with my man and busted her on it and she lied right to my face when my ex sat there and told me the truth. Beware if you sleep with her you also sleep with about half the state of Alabama! Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the Heflin [email protected]#e!!!!!!

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