Brittany Black – Fort Smith, Arkansas Arkansas


Well… Mrs. britblack is a true “Christian” as she claims meanwhile cheats on her sweet husband with a boy 5 years younger. Oh they’d meet up in hotels where she would bring her under 1yr baby. Where would the baby be while they had sex? In the bed? On the floor? In a closet? Still unknown…. but she would drive hours, or meet for a quick lunch break screw Sesh in a hot warehouse meanwhile, her husband who provided her a home to live in, a car to drive, food on the table because we all know this uneducated Arkansasan couldn’t get a high paying job on her own. She only wished the young boy from the show me state would provide for her, but that didn’t seem to workout once his girlfriend of several years found out and outed their obvious lies… in recent posts she can be seen as a “Godly woman” well, since her mom was a cheater I guess it runs in the family and it really must be a great thing that God forgives…. but Karma certainly doesn’t…

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