Brittany Fletcher – Terre Haute, Indiana Indiana


This girl Brittany Fletcher has ruined a relationship of almost 5 years with my partner. She knew about me but was led to believe that we were having problems, when in all reality we were working on things. Supposedly my fiancÚ at the time stated that she was done and over with this girl and he had quit messaging her- supposedly. Then I found more evidence last night so apparently this is been going on for a month. I do not understand why people do this. I’m not saying that my ex fiancÚ is not at fault as well, but she is just as responsible. So not only does this affect me but also my two kids that are involved. What amazes me is people have came out of the woodwork saying how great of a person I am and even her ex before me reached out to me and said that I was a good influence on her from other friends that they had had together at one time. I found out so many things about the person that I’ve invested almost 5 years of my life. I feel like I’ve wasted five years of my life on somebody that is horrible but this Britney Fletcher is just to blame because she knew that my Ex fiancÚ was with somebody with kids and she told me she did not care. what kind of person does that or is that. So I say Karma will come back and bite both of them in the butt. What’s the saying what comes around goes around?? I included some other text from yesterday evening.

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