Brittany Marie Sills – Raleigh, North Carolina North Carolina


This lovely lady broke up with her partner of seven years and father to her children earlier this year. A week or two after she’d already got a profile all set up and supposedly met her new guy on there. She introduced this rando to her kids on the second date, then got pregnant a few weeks in, and then bought property. She either really is a fool or she’s known her new guy a lot loger than she’s let on. Oh and to top it all off, a few weeks after this they bought land to buy a house together and had a shotgun wedding. Literally, in love, pregnant, married, and homeowners in the space of two months. My ass did they not know each other before. Four kids, two baby daddies, only 25. Lads, if this trainwreck ends up on again, block her baby trapping ass.

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