Brittany Reid – Henryville, Indiana Indiana


Let me start by stating that shaming girls for liking sex and having multiple sexual partners is not okay when men do it all the time. That being said there is a fine line between being a normal girl having some fun and just being what I would call a despicable, foul dirty butt wh**e. So, let’s get started shall we? This little skank not only fu**s anything with a d**k (We’re talking 10 people counting fingers and toes wouldn’t be enough to count them all) but she also decided to lay up in her sisters house with her nasty, flat wide cratered ass hanging out, acting like family but really just trying to f**k her sisters fiance of 7 years. She’s like 20 years old and even her mom has called her a downright wh**e because of how vulgar and promiscuous she is. She went out of her way to f**k her sisters fiance while he was playing fortnite with his buddies for 45 minutes, until he turned the game off and caved like a man wouldn’t have. So they f**ked for like 3 minutes in her sister’s bed while she was at work. I guess I should note that all three of her sisters and fiances children were home asleep while this happened. He is not any less to blame but she intentionally instigated this just to see if she could because she is in my opinion, the worst kind of person in the world, a selfish one who hates to see anyone else loved because she doesn’t love herself enough to even be capable of love. On top of that, she is pregnant and tried to fight the sister she did this to, knowing she is pregnant. It takes a selfish, horrible person to fight (especially when you’re wrong) while you are carrying a baby. She is also a thief and stole a pair of jeans from her sister as well. Couldn’t just stick with her sisters fiances d**k, she had to steal her style too. Oh and to make it better, this isn’t her first exposure. She got caught sending her nudes to her friends dude and her “friend” blasted them all over social media. Karma is a bitch. *I have permission by the owner and photographer to use the posted photos* *Everything I have stated is fact unless I stated it was my opinion*

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