Brittany Sommers – Atlanta, Georgia Georgia


Okay so she was suppose to be my “best friend” but I come to find out she was talking to my husband behind my back trying to get with him. So I stopped talking to her and cut her out of my life and like three years later she sends me a msg saying how sorry she was and that she missed our friendship. So I was trying to be nice and started talking to her again wasn’t hanging out or anything but we talked. Over time it got to the point her husband and all of us would hang out together and let our kids play. Things I thought had seemed okay but I was VERY wrong. I can honestly say I didn’t think anything had been going on. Till one day her soon to be ex husband at that time forced her to msg me and tell me the truth or he was going to. She had told me that she had been talking to my husband again and that they had kissed. Well I later found out that they had done more. So beware if you befriend this woman. She seems to love to move in on her “friends” men. I know I wasn’t the first person she’s done this to and I’m sure I won’t be the last. On a plus side karma is wonderful. She was my “best friend” and messed around with my husband. The woman her now ex husband left her for was her best friend! Ha!

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