Brittany Sommers – Georgia Georgia


Well to start this off she was suppose to be my bestfriend or so I thought. About four or so years ago I had discovered she was sending my husband sexual text messages so I had cut off contact and decided to try and work it out with my husband. My husband and her husband were good friends we would always all hang out. Well I had stopped contact with all of them. Fast forward a year or so Brittany had sent me a message apologizing and telling me how awful she felt and that she missed our friendship. I decided to befriend her yet again. (I know my first mistake) So we had talked for like 2 years or so and everything seemed great felt like normal. Never really had an suspicion she was talking to my husband. We all started hanging out again. It was nice to have another couple to hang out with. But much to my surprise she was yet again talking to my husband except this time it went much further. They had messed around this time and it had gone on for about a year. Well her husband decided to divorce her and I think karma played out very well for me. Her husband is now dating who was her “best friend” at that time.

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