Brittanya Chavez – Pasadena, Texas Texas


Brittanya Chavez is too lazy to get off her a$$ and get a job so she likes to ask and take money from married men, like a sugar daddy. Not even a successful one, at that; most sugar babies get plastic surgery, cars, luxury vacations, jewellery. All this dumb b**** gets is fast food, cheap nails and trips to Wal-Mart. She won’t stop talking to them even after the wife asks her to stop because then she’d be broke with no income. She’ll have sex with anyone for a pack of Tecate, a motorcycle ride and a cheeseburger; has Daddy issues so she likes older guys. She’s into the pedophile thing; had sex with 30 and 40 year old guys when she was in her teens. Smh Nasty.

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